These high density
polyethylene clips:
    • cannot damage tubing
    • reduce noise
    • provide excellent holding power

Installations with the patented RB Stand-Off
Clips are far superior to any other method
of tubing attachment. Each clip fits perfectly
without damaging the tubing - secured with
nails, not staples - no nicking, no com-
pressing, no piercing. The stand-off design
of the clip pulls the tubing up into the clip
and off the surface. This, along with the
polyethylene material of the clip, virtually
eliminates expansion noises, as it prevents
wear-and-tear from the tubing's movement.

Installations with the RB-Stand-Off Clips
are strong. Two galvanized nails
driven 5/8" into the wood provide holding
power that is secure and long-lasting.

Utilizing either the RB-5 Manual Clip Gun or
the RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Gun, installations
with the RB Stand-Off Clips are quick,
easy and safe!
The unique design of the RB Stand-Off Clip holds the tubing
or pipe off of the surface, providing distinct advantages
for both radiant heating and potable water systems. In
above-floor radiant heating installations, the space
between the tubing and the wooden surface allows the light-
weight concrete to flow under the tubing, surrounding it and
providing an especially strong and stable placement.
In potable water systems as in radiant heating,
installations are not only secure, they are also quiet,
as the space between the tubing and surface allows for
pipe movement and expansion without those irritating
friction noises.
U.S. Patents 4,801,061 &
4,801,064 & 5,350,267. Foreign
patents issued and pending.
      Code       Description
      P3BK       RB Standoff Clip for 3/8" I.D. (1/2" O.D.)
      P4BK       RB Standoff Clip for 1/2" I.D. (5/8" O.D.)
      P6BK       RB Standoff Clip for 3/4" I.D. (7/8" O.D.)
      Clip housing - high density polyethylene
      Nails - galvanized steel
      Strips of 20 clips
      Box of 100 clips

for use in:
radiant heating systems
    potable water systems

for use on:
radiant heating tubing
    PEX, CPVC water pipe

for use with:
    RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Gun
    RB-5 Manual Clip Gun